Chiropractic Satisfaction

Consumers of chiropractic care have expressed overwhelming satisfaction with the services. Several studies show 90% of patients felt that chiropractic health care was effective; more than 80% were satisfied with the treatment they received; nearly 75% felt that most of their expectations were met during the series of visits. Nearly 80% felt that the cost of chiropractic treatment was reasonable.

(Demographic Characteristics of User of Chiropractic Services. Gallup Study, 1991)

Patients who sought care from a chiropractor were 3 times more satisfied with their care than those who visited other practitioners. The patient's perception of the doctor's confidence in diagnosing and treating low back pain was almost 3 times higher in patients receiving chiropractic care compared with those receiving care from family physicians.

(Patient Evaluations of Care from Family Physicians and Chiropractors. Cherkin D., MacCornack, Western Journal of Medicine - 1989)

According to this 1994 Harris Poll study, patients were more satisfied with chiropractice care than care from medical doctors, osteopathic doctors, or physical therapists.

(1994 Harris Poll)
A 2000 Florida survey revealed that 92.3% of those previously using chiropractic care would do so again.
Almost 10% of the patients seeking chiropractic care do so for wellness and preventative care.